Membership Terms and Conditions

Your use of and involvement in a Program (as described in Patients Medical’s Terms of Use) is governed by these Membership Terms & Conditions (the “Agreement”). If you registered for a Program through an employer, this Agreement does not pertain to you. Our Terms of Use are completely incorporated by reference into this Agreement and shall govern its use. The definitions found in our Terms of Use apply to all terms not otherwise specified here.

You acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies mentioned below

  1. Options for membership.

Patients Medical provides a variety of participation options (referred to as “Membership Options”), each with its own services and costs (referred to as “Membership Fees”). This Agreement is considered to include any payment terms that are provided to you while you are using or signing up for a Membership Option. You risk losing access to the Services and being dropped out of the Program if you do not pay your Membership Fees when they are due.

All Membership Fees must be paid in full by you. The Membership Fees (your “Billing Account”) are collected by Patients Medical using a third-party payment provider (the “Payment Processor”). In addition to this Agreement, the Payment Processor’s terms, conditions, and privacy rules govern how payments are processed. As of right now, Stripe serves as Patients Medical’s payment processor. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Stripe are available at and, respectively. Any actions or inactions of the Payment Processor are not the responsibility of Patients Medical.

By deciding to use a Program or otherwise taking part in it, you agree to: 1) pay Patients Medical every month through the Payment Processor the Membership Fees for the Membership Option you have chosen in accordance with the applicable payment terms; and 2) give Patients Medical permission to charge your bank, financial institution, or credit card (your “Payment Method”) for all payments that are owed. Regardless of whether the payment processor has already requested or received payment, Patients Medical retains the right to rectify any errors or mistakes made by the payment processor. Depending on your chosen Payment Method, agreements between you and your bank, financial organization, credit card issuer, or other provider of your selected Payment Method may contain specific conditions relating to your payment. You commit to pay all sums due in your Billing Account immediately upon demand if Patients Medical does not receive payment from you through the Payment Processor when required. To maintain your billing account current, complete, and accurate, you must provide current, complete, and accurate information and promptly update all information. (Such as a change in billing address, credit card number, or credit card expiration date). Up until this Agreement and your Program are terminated, Patients Medical may continue to charge you for any use of the Program under your Billing Account if you do not keep correct billing account information.

Some membership options might include a one-time fee for the initial term, followed by ongoing monthly fees. By selecting a recurring payment option, you accept responsibility for all recurring fees that you agreed to when you bought your program and recognize that such a Membership Option has an initial and recurring payment feature. If your program is stopped before it is finished, you will still be liable for all ongoing fees that apply.

  1. No emergency care: exclusions apply to some services and goods.

No urgent treatment or emergency services are offered by Patients Medical. You must call 911 if you ever experience a medical emergency or critical care need while taking part in a Program. Patients Medical does not offer or deliver primary care services, handle medical crises, provide urgent care, or dispense any medications.

  1. Service for direct health care.

To be clear, the Program is not health insurance; it comprises of a direct health care service. Federal health care programs like Medicare or Medicaid as well as private health insurance plans are not covered by Patients Medical and are not billed by them. Your provider(s) might advise you to get services that the practices do not provide (like, for instance, specialized services or diagnostic tests), but the practice will not be held liable for any subsequent medical costs or other costs. Health insurance coverage is a legal agreement between you and your insurance provider if you have one. Knowing your benefits and how they will affect your benefit payments is your duty. Patients Medical denies any obligation to comprehend or abide by the rules of any insurance plan or program. There is no assurance that the fees or other costs or expenditures you incur in connection with the Program or any other services you may have purchased will be paid by your insurance company or otherwise reimbursed in any way.


The cost of any medicine that your Provider may recommend for you as part of your Program is not covered by your Membership Fees.

You acknowledge that as part of the Program services, Patients Medical may apply to a pharmaceutical company for a coupon or discount program on your behalf or on behalf of you, and you consent and authorize Patients Medical to submit such an application and take any other actions necessary to complete it. You comprehend and agree that you are subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon if you or Patients Medical use it to lower the out-of-pocket cost of your medication.

Patients Medical and the Providers do not recommend any drug, store, or pharmacologic item. Any medication orders will be based on the Provider’s informed medical judgment, the circumstances of the situation, and the member’s best interests. If a Provider prescribes a medication, the Provider may restrict the supply based on good clinical practice and/or state laws. The ordering of any medications as part of your Program and/or through the Services is not guaranteed by Patients Medical. Due to real or potential misuse of the Services, providers will always use professional judgment and retain the right to refuse care and/or cancel any prescription.

You acknowledge that any prescriptions you obtain from a Provider as part of the Program are only for your own use, and you promise not to share or otherwise make any medication available to anyone else. You consent to thoroughly reading all provided medication information and labeling and to ask a doctor or pharmacist any queries you may have. You have the right to have any prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choosing if you receive a prescription for a medication, and Patients Medical and the Providers completely respect patient freedom of choice.

Finally, you give permission for Patients Medical’s pharmacy partners to reach you to provide you with pharmacy services, including via SMS message, email, automated telephone dialing system, artificial voice, and/or prerecorded messages.

  1. Taking part in a program.

You must go to your first appointment with a Provider, in person or for a tele-medicine appointment and, if coaching is part of your Program, your first coaching lesson after purchasing a Program. Within 60 days of your purchase, Patients Medical has the right to cancel your Program if you fail to show up for both your initial Provider visit and your initial coaching session (as appropriate).

You must adhere to extra program requirements while enrolled in the program, such as the terms of your patients’ medical commitment, which are outlined in the program’s curriculum and are hereby incorporated by reference. If you do not follow any of the guidelines outlined in this Agreement, Patients Medical has the right to change or remove parts of your program, suspend, or end your involvement in it, and more.

  1. Termination and Term.

Term: Patients’ Medical reserves the right to reject this Agreement and reimburse you for your membership fees. The term of the Agreement (and your eligibility to take part in a Program) will start on the day Patients Medical gets your membership fees and last for the duration of the Program you purchased (the “Term”) unless sooner terminated by either party. If Patients Medical accepts this Agreement.

Termination. By sending an email to, you may at any moment end this Agreement and your participation in the Program. If the agreement is terminated, you might be entitled to reimbursement in accordance with the terms of our reimbursement Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference. If you violate this Agreement, Patients Medical may immediately terminate this Agreement and your Program, as well as change or remove any part of your Program. If that happens, you will not be able to get reimbursement.

  1. Complete Agreement; Modification.

This Agreement supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreements and contains the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. Patients Medical retains the right to modify this Agreement at any time by sending you a notice via email to your registered email address and/or through the Services. Despite what was said before, Patients Medical agrees not to retroactively alter any clauses relating to your membership fees. If you do not concur with the updated Agreement, you can reject it by sending an email to; if you do, you will not be able to use the Program or take any other part in it, and your ability to get a refund will be governed by our Refund Policy.

You indicate your acceptance of the revised Agreement by using the Program or engaging in other Program activities after the modification becomes effective. Any amendment or alteration to this Agreement other than those set forth herein must be made in writing and signed by both parties to be valid.

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